Confessions of a fit old geezer

Being fit (and healthy) at my age is normal for me because of choices I made as a young man. There are no secrets to being fit and healthy, there is no secret eating plan, no secret/special training plan. Yet the market is being flooded with so called hype (“secrets”) about what you should or shouldn’t be eating/drinking, what exercise you should or shouldn’t be doing plus a plethora of gadgets and devices that promise to get you fit and healthy in x days!

Then there’s the plethora of offers to – “Learn the secrets to … (fill in the blanks).” Again these types of offers are for money making interests because, guess what?? There are NO SECRETS! But we as human beings are holding onto the belief that someone or something will come along and save us from ourselves. It's not going to happen.

There are however, confessions and I need to confess, so please bear with me.

As a person who has looked after their health and fitness as best as one can for the last 40 years (the first 17 were taken care of by my parents) I do not con scribe to a strict eating or training regime – confession #1. And so my confession begins:

  • I eat and drink pretty much what I want, when my body demands it.
  • Fitness was not in my blood – I just made it a habit.
  • Fitness is bloody hard work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – if it’s not going to challenge me it’s not worth doing it.
  • Fitness is for life, not for when I feel like it or if I can find time.
  • Fitness IS the fountain of youth! It makes me feel young, full of energy, stopped me going bald prematurely, kept my sex drive going and made my life so far a series of wonderful adventures with more to come.
  • 57 is not “OLD” – it’s just a number and that’s how I’ve treated age.
  • One of my long-term goals is to run a marathon at the age of 100.
  • Another long-term goal is to make 100 so I do run a marathon at 100!
  • Maintaining fitness is a pain in the butt, but it stops me from just sitting on my butt.
  • There is no secret to getting fit, the answer is in you and it’s dwelling somewhere in your mind – YOU just need to find it!
  • Stop blaming others for where you are now – you had a choice and you have to take responsibility for that choice.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but be prepared to do all the hard work because asking for help and not following through on that help will achieve a big fat zero!
  • Amen.


Martin McKone