The Ageing Process - PartIV Strength And Resistance Training

In Part IV, I summarise How Strength and Resistance Training benefits us as we age. 

We all know that with age comes the inevitable loss of skeletal muscle along with numerous other side “kicks” such as eyesight, weaker bones, and loss of flexibility to name a few.

Strength and resistance training has been shown to attenuate and reverse the loss of muscle protein and slow down the rate of skeletal muscle loss. Strength training can also increase bone mineral density.

Resistance training improves energy metabolism and functional skeletal status, however it is best done with high intensity rather than low intensity. Given adequate training stimulus, the gains in strength can be similar or greater compared to younger males and females.

Heavy resistance training has a profound anabolic effect on older adults - significant increases in resting metabolic rate occur.

Resistance training is effective in increasing energy requirements, decreasing fat mass and maintaining metabolically active tissue. It also improves insulin action, improves aerobic power, and dynamic balance.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for old age to kick in before you THINK about doing something to help improve your lifestyle and minimise ageing, start it now. If you are already in the ageing process remember, it’s still not too late to start. As Mr Spock would say – “Live long and prosper”- and you will if you choose to “Change-Challenge-Achieve.”



Martin McKone