Why A One Size Fits All Will Fail

There are a large number of "fitness programs" out and about on the web these days, as well as in gyms, that have been designed as a means to train many people at one time - what I refer to as "a one size for all." While these programs are great for getting people out and exercising, the results they yield can vary from zip (zero) to "awesome."

So why is it that so many can do the same exercise regime and some get little or no results and others get good to great results? - Simple, individual differences.

People vary in their physiological capabilities and their differing response to stresses placed on their bodies as a result of exercising. 

Apart from the variation of relative predominance of fast and slow twitch motor units in muscles that exists between everyone, other individual differences may also be seen in hormonal and metabolic responses to exercise including different rates of cortisol (the "stress hormone"), growth hormone and testosterone release. Other factors that influence these physiological, hormonal and metabolic differences observed between individuals include race, age, sex and genetics.

So if your current fitness regime involves participation in a "one size fits all" program and you're not getting results, then that regime is probably not for you - you will need a program that is individualised just for you or you may just need to up your anti with the current one or mix it up with a variety of different exercises.

If you are willing and capable, experiment with yourself to see what exercises get good positive responses from your body. If you don't feel confident doing that then search out a fitness professional and ask for help. Regardless don't just throw the towel in and crawl back onto the couch. Be and stay positive and find something your body enjoys doing exercise wise that gives you satisfaction and reward.

Happy exercising. Change-Challenge-Achieve!



Martin McKone