Training Smarter

There’s been a huge fitness industry trend over the past decade pushing really insane, insanity-type workouts like P90X and Cross-Fit. I loved it and would push myself to my limits. But with all of that comes a side effect, which is a body that is absolutely crushed.

You cannot maintain that level of intensity in exercise for too long. It causes tremendous wear and tear. Eventually your body just starts to wear down, whether it’s from adrenal fatigue, or your joints start to act up, or you’re just absolutely burnt out.

As a former competitive runner, I can tell you firsthand what happens. Think about it: you don’t hear about too many professional athletes over the age of 35, or for that matter over the age of 40. There’s a reason for that. Their bodies cannot maintain that volume or intensity of training for very long – maybe a decade and a half at the most.

Here’s the thing when it comes to training and workouts: we want to do the minimum effective dose to get results. I believe that’s going to be a big trend moving forward as more people simply can’t keep up with the intensity of all these workouts.

I believe there’s going to be a big swing in the marketplace with respect to going back to smarter workouts, with less volume and more intelligently designed workouts.

That’s why at Multi Peak Fitness Wanaka I have adapted my programs to be smarter – you go into the gym do your workout and 30 minutes later you’re on your way. My aging body has adapted well to the smarter training and is enjoying it more. So if your body is sending you signals saying you’re tired, got sore achy joints or little or no energy, maybe it’s time to take a good hard look at your training regime and ask yourself if it’s too much too often, and does it still sit well with what you are trying to achieve – we cannot all be athletes forever trying to maintain an elite level of fitness and an edge over our competitors! Training can be effective if you do it smarter and intelligently.



Martin McKone