My 5 Inner Running Demons

Despite the fact that I’ve been keeping myself fit and healthy for the last 36 years (the first 20 was just growing up!!), most of my family and friends don’t know what I’ve really been going through in order to stay fit and healthy! They would just ask me how far did I run and then be inspired by my response. What they don’t know are the inner demons playing in my head trying to through me off track, that I have to deal with so I can remain fit and healthy and thereby inspire them. Here’s an insight into the demons I confront, as I transpire to inspire family and friends with my fitness.


  • It can’t be morning already … can it?
  • I wish my body clock alarm had an off switch!
  • I’m pretty sure this is my rest day!
  • I wish I hadn’t agreed to lead the early morning pack run today!
  • When I entered the marathon I really only wanted the holiday part of the trip!


  • Dammit! Why did I let myself sign up for the early start of the Spartan Race in mid winter!
  • Who on earth decides that THIS hour is the hour to workout!
  • What a boringly stupid sport! No wonder it’s not popular.
  • It’s freakin freezing outside and I’m snug in my bed, no way am I going out for a run!
  • No way. Sorry. Don’t really want to.


  • I’ll just do a big day in the yard today to make up for missing my run this morning.
  • I’ll have a bit of a sleep in and do my shorter run this morning and do my longer one tomorrow.
  • I know rest is an integral part of endurance training, so if I rest more now I should be more refreshed for tomorrows run.
  • I promise to hit the gym harder on my strength days if I let myself sleep in a bit more on those days.
  • I start cross training more first thing tomorrow if I can just sleep another hour … or 2


  • Why do I even train at all?
  • I’m feeling a lot more tired. Not sure if I’ll want to run another marathon with this lack of motivation.
  • What makes me think I can go that far for that long?
  • I’m not an athlete any more … this idea was just wrong.
  • I should just stick to sunbathing at the beach, I’m not having much luck with this endurance stuff. 


  • Ahhh just stop over thinking it! Get your lazy ass out of bed and put those runners on.
  • I can’t go back to sleep again so I may as well get my run out of the way now.
  • I really do want to be able to cross the finish line to celebrate my achievement.
  • Just do it now … you know you’ll feel better for doing so.
  • If all this effort was easy, everyone would be doing it, so lets get cracking.

So there you have it. My 5 Inner Demons I have to deal with in the name of early morning workouts, and my pursuit of fitness. If I can overcome these, then you should also be able to overcome them and reach your personal fitness goals. Happy training and happy de-demonising!

Martin McKone