Wanaka Titans

Wanaka Titans presents the Wanaka Dash - an obstacle course event with a family/carnival atmosphere, that will be held at Glendhu Station, Wanaka. The aim of the event is to promote fitness and participation rather than competing. It is set for Sunday 27 October 2019 (Labour weekend). The event is also a fundraiser for local charities and a means of helping the landowner develop Glendhu Station so that the event and the land can grow and benefit from use.The Wanaka Dash is a 7km, 20-24 obstacle course run. Over time, it is planned to expand the event to include two more distances - 12km and 16km and a load more obstacles. Then the ultimate challenge the Titan Trifecta, a 3 day event where you get the chance to run all 3 events.

Start times will be staged in waves of 30 - 40 with the first wave heading off at 8am and then every 15 minutes waves will follow until the last wave at 2pm. The entry form will ask you for your preferred start time and a back up time should your preferred start time slot be full.

Entries for the Wanaka Dash are now closed.

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Challenge - Create - Become

Finishers medal

Finishers medal

Finishers Medal

Every person who completes the obstacle course receives a finishers medal along with a finishers t-shirt and a cold drink. They also have the privilege of becoming a Wanaka Titan. This lovely bronze medal with eventually be joined by a silver and a gold medal, which will represent the two future events of 12km and 16km.


If running wasn’t hard enough then adding obstacles to your run will now make your running even more challenging! Over the event of the Wanaka Dash you will run, splash, jump, climb, crawl, carry and drag obstacles that will test the limits of your physical and mental fitness. The end result as you cross the finish line will be one of immense satisfaction and a sign that you are now a Wanaka Titan.

Water + dirt

Water + dirt


Carnival Atmosphere

The Wanaka Dash is all about fun and participation for the family and your mates as part of a team or as individuals. Kids will be able to “have a go” at a kids obstacle course and spectators can also try their hand at a selection of the main obstacles - all for free while their family and friends partake in the main event. You will be able to stay and take in the atmosphere of the event enjoying food and a drink while cheering on those as they finish the Dash.